Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Guys, something awesome happened today, and then something terrible.

I was searching under my desk for the fruits of my Magical Venn Unicorn's labor and discovered that it had gotten into the radioactive dinosaur fossils (I should probably find a better place for them).  I was worried about the health of my unicorn, but it turns out that the radiation and dinosaur DNA made it into a SUPER AWESOME CREATURE: the Dinocorn1.

"Yay!" said I to myself, "I'll post this to my blog, and everyone will be happy!"

But, when I went to post, this happened:

Certain members of Congress want to keep you guys from seeing Dinocorns.  Don't let them win.

Let's agree that censorship is bad.  It's especially bad when it's post-its covering up a sweet drawing of a Dinocorn.

Find out of your local representatives are against SOPA - if they're not, contact them and tell them they should be.  Your internet enjoyment depends on it.

This Dinocorn is against SOPA - are you?

Venn Diagrams will be back next week, better than ever, because they come from a creature that is both mythical and extinct.

1It's a good thing that the radioactive spiders didn't get to it, because Spidecorns2 3 are way less awesome than Dinocorns.  In fact, they're downright scary.

3In case you're wondering, Spidecorns are pro-SOPA.  Don't be a Spidecorn.

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