Friday, January 6, 2012

Haiku Friday - My Childhood

Jesus on a dinosaur, I have been slacking on my blog.  No Vennsday, and here it is, after 5 on the east coast on a Friday, and I have not posted an haiku yet.  I haven't even had a footnote in weeks.  Life has been insanity since landing back here on the west coast... and by that, obviously, I mean that work has been insanity, and then I have fallen asleep by 8:00 every night.

But!  Right now!  I am turning my life around, starting with some calming and peaceful haiku about my childhood.

Really, Those Are The First Two Questions Almost Always
I went to prep school
No, it was not all women
Yes, it was Hogwarts

But Everyone Pretended I Didn't Know Until Last Year
Youngest child perils:
I knew Santa was a myth
Before I was five

My Sisters Still Think It's Unfair (But You Killed Santa!)
Youngest child awesomes:
Washing way fewer dishes
Watching more TV

The Syllabus Called It "Religion"
Catholic Schooling
Classes in math, reading, and

That First Line Should Probably Be Commemorated On A Sampler Or Something
Mom and Dad were right
I really wanted a dog
Just not to walk it

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