Friday, December 16, 2011

Haiku Friday - Smitten with the Mitten

But We Are!1
Ev'ry time I say
"We're America's high five!"
People laugh at me

We Were In The Great Recession Before It Went Mainstream
Unemployment is
Just your fancy, east coast word
For GM's bankrupt

On The Coasts They Deconstruct Classic Dishes.  In The Midwest, We Do The Opposite.2
You say "What are these?"
Pointing at my random foods
I say "Casserole"

The Unofficial Tourism Slogan
Come to Michigan!
Please, ignore the militias
And look at the lakes

It Was A Sweet Commercial, Though
The best we could do
For a Michigan spokesman:
Eminem, really?

1I decided to put all the relevant background information in a footnote:  I'm from Michigan.  The lower peninsula of Michigan looks like a mitten / hand.  If you ever ask me where I grew up, I will show you, on my hand, where in Michigan I'm from.  Here's a map so you can judge for yourself how much of a mitten it is:
2Apparently the opposite is putting everything in one dish and adding cheese and a can of cream of mushroom soup?

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