Friday, October 21, 2011

Special Edition of Haiku Friday - Libra Birthdays

In honor of a whole bunch of birthdays this month of close friends (and me, who is the closest of all my friends), here is a special birthday edition of Haiku Friday.  An extra big happy birthday to Em & Heather, whose birthdays are actually today!

Happy Birthday, Em & Heather!
You will always be
Eleven days behind me
Please enjoy your youth

The 27 Club
I have been informed
It will prove I'm a rock star
If I die this year

Why I Can't Stay Up Past Nine On My Birthday
Cake!  Get in my face!
But, I beg, this time do not
Leave a food coma

A Full Three-Quarters of the Women I have Dated Have Been Libras
Hey there, Libra lady
You know, it's my birthday, too?
We should get it on

Would It Be Socially Acceptable For Me To Go To A Bar Dressed As A Ninja?
Drinking beer is great
But birthdays used to involve
Wearing a costume

1 comment:

  1. Your birthday + near Halloween = permission to dress in whatever costume you so choose

    May I suggest a giraffe?