Friday, October 14, 2011

Haiku Friday - Debauchery

This Makes It Sound Like I'm Going To Start a Rumble, But Actually I'm Just Going To Be Enjoying Some Microbrews and Folk Music
It's Birthday Weekend!
Hang on to your hats because
Shit's gonna go down

I Like to Think It's Classy If It's A $9 Bottle of Aged Beer
What's that, Officer?
What's in the brown bag I have?
... Maybe it's my lunch?

Nerd Alert!
One time I got drunk
And spent hours discussing
The ยต1 of spilled beer

Let's See You Try to Dance to That Smug Look On Your Face
We cannot be friends
If you're gonna judge my love
For Lady Gaga

Day 1 of Civil Engineering School
Tacoma Narrows:
Kids, that's why friends don't let friends
Drink and engineer2

1Pronounced "mu," this stands for the coefficient of friction used in kinetics.  Also, this is a completely true story.
2I don't think drinking was actually involved with the design of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  In a funny and related aside, though, there is a (abandoned) fort (know as Fort Blunder) at Rouse's Point that was accidentally built 3/4 of a mile inside Canada because surveyors used to get paid partially in whiskey.  Surveying used to be a cold and lonely job, so sometimes/often they drank up their payment while they were working... and then were unable to find the 45th Parallel aka the northern boundary of that part of our country.  Not that I'm judging... I can't find the 45th Parallel sober.

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