Thursday, November 10, 2011

Venn Diagram Wednesday

Ok, today's not Wednesday1.  But this is a blog that is theoretically2 dedicated to projects that suck in the first place and then I never finish.  So, it seems appropriate that my first of this weekly series is a day late (literally) and a buck short (not literally... unless my Venn Diagrams get beaten up and are forced to cough up their lunch money).

I love Venn Diagrams.  I often use them when they are not the best way to convey information because they're so much fun.  Sometimes I describe them using my words because there are no surfaces around to write on.

In an effort to raise awareness about how flexible Venn Diagrams are, every week I will use the same Venn Diagram set-up to depict a minimum of three different sets of information.  I promise that this information will never make you smarter, and in some cases may actually lower your IQ (if you're having one of those terrible high IQ days).

Quickly!  To the Venn Diagrams!

Have you wondered what Venn Diagrams are for paragraphs and paragraphs?  Wonder no more!

I doodled this one during my staff meeting on Monday.  It was getting dangerously close to lunch.

 If ninjas and pirates were actually that close, the geek's ultimate wet dream of a fight would be happening.  I have strong opinions about the victor of this fight.

1Or, as they will be called from now on around here, Vennsday.
2In practice, it seems much more dedicated to my weekly haiku.3
3That's a haiku.


  1. I love it. You are inspiring me to start thinking in diagram format.

  2. It is the best way to think. And kids love diagrams, so you can use them to convince students to go abroad!

    ...ok, I'm not actually sure if kids love diagrams. They probably don't.