Friday, November 25, 2011

Haiku Friday - Thanksgiving, etc. Edition

We Had French for Thanksgiving Dinner, And You Know What, People of France? You're Aight
I knew I liked you
When you served us the green beans
Wrapped up in bacon

Plus It's Mostly Vegetable!  So Healthy!
My mother taught me
Pumpkin pie can be breakfast
Because it has eggs

It's The Only Thing No One Is Allergic To
In my family,
The first, middle, and last course:
A bottle of wine

Fewer Claws Though
Seventeen of us
A loose itinerary
It's like herding cats

We Still Have To Sit At A Tiny Table And Use Sippy Cups Though
Chillin with cousins:
A permanent kids' table
But now with more booze!

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