Friday, November 11, 2011

Haiku Friday - Odes to Crappy Music

Bashō Is Rolling In His Grave1
It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
....Crap, it's a haiku

There Is No One More Time (or: Misinterpretation of Songs Is a Hobby of Mine)
Hit me, baby, once
You were supposed to know that
Abuse isn't cool

I Have A Theory That Fergie Took A Spelling Class2 Before Making "The Dutchess"
I could spell tasty
'Til I heard "Fergalicious"
Drop the e, Fergie

Open Letter To Katy Perry
I kissed a girl, too!
But Jill Sobule beat us both
And her song's better3

Ke$ha Should Clarify That Zero Out Of Five Dentists Recommend Her Methods
My teeth all fell out
When I took your advice re:
A bottle of Jack

1I know, I know, Rebecca Black was over about 7 months ago.  But I wake up every Friday, and that song gets stuck in my head, and I'm trying to pass that curse onto you.
2That she probably failed, or got a C in, at best.
3Admittedly, though
It's much less fun to dance to
Let's call it even


  1. I managed to avoid ever watching the Rebecca Black video. I do not know what "Friday" sounds like, so you can't reach me. I'm immuuuuuuuuuune.

  2. I am 100% ready to spend my time at home for the holidays stalking you and then jumping out at you with a boombox blaring "Friday."

    Also, boombox? What is this, the early 90's? Pretend I said iPod.