Friday, November 18, 2011

Haiku Friday - Dinosaurs

Have You Ever Had That Dream Where You Can't Scream And There Are Velociraptors Approaching?
Jurassic Park 2
Gave me nightmares, though I was
Twenty-one years old

Useful, Except For Finding A Bike Shop In 71 Million BC Is Killer1
A magazine said
I could out-run a T-rex
On a mountain bike

Or Good News, Depending On How Attached You Are To Your Soul
If you didn't cry
At Land Before Time, bad news:
You don't have a soul

Because It Would Be Surprising, Right?
From now on, please use
"Jesus on a dinosaur!"
To express surprise

There's So Much We'll Never Know 'Cause They Went Extinct Before Their Time
This morning I thought
Would dinosaurs like haiku?
Damn you, meteor

1Ha, get it?  Killer?  Because a T-rex just ripped you apart.


  1. Bonus: "Jesus on a dinosaur!" will cause confusion and exploding heads among the creationists.

  2. It's a bad week if I don't explode at least one creationist head.