Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vennsday - Awkward

You know those people who are good with everyone?  They can keep up an interesting conversation in any situation, and then never seem to trip or stutter or offend anyone?  I am the opposite.

In honor of me, let's examine awkwardness:

 I can't figure out hugs.  I mean, I understand how they work, and I successfully give them to people I know really well, but I am not someone who just... hugs.  I should, because what happens instead is I go in for the handshake, and then all of a sudden that hand is awkwardly trapped between us, and then I accidentally grope the hugger.  It ends badly.  On second thought, maybe I should just avoid human contact.
Nothing kills a good joke like someone being offended.  On the other hand, I usually manage to say offend someone within about five minutes of meeting them.  How was I supposed to know that your grandmother was killed by walking into a bar?!?!
Well, the good news is... it won't be awkward for long.

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