Friday, February 17, 2012

Haiku Friday - Birth Out-of-control

My Parents Didn't Read The Fine Print
Couples, practice rhythm!
High success rates!  Side effects:
Frequent pregnancy

What Did They Use Before Aspirin?
I had it explained:
A pill between the knees means
Stop whoring it up1

Abstinence... Just Kidding!
Weird, no one mentions
The best birth control method:
Gay relationships

Yes, Let's Discuss Lines Crossed
Religious freedoms?
Issa, they are less trampled
Than women's bodies

Everyone Wins!  (Except, Probably, Romney)
Here's a time machine
It's set for 1920
Get in, GOP!

1True story, I really didn't understand what it meant.  I thought "Maybe it's about pleading a headache?  But then why the knees?  Maybe they thought aspirin was a spermicide?"2
2Sometimes, I'm really naive.

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