Friday, May 25, 2012

Haiku Friday - Rules of Moving

Rule 1: Your Most Embarrassing Books Will End Up On Top
Yes, that's Left Behind
Right next to Sex for Dummies
And the Twilight books

Rule 2: Trash Bags Are Your Friends
I will be dumping
Whole desk drawers into trash bags
As the truck arrives

Rule 3: Planning Only Gets You So Far
Now everything's packed
Except cake pans, tampons, and
Pictures of Grandma

Rule 4: You Don't Make Good Decisions After Pulling An All-Nighter To Move (or: Sometimes All Your Quarters End Up Spilling Out In Front Of NYC Traffic)
Filling my beer fridge
With pillows and cups of change
Didn't turn out well

Rule 5: Nostalgia Will Defeat You
Hour four of packing:
Clutching an old, stained t-shirt
Thinking of college

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