Friday, March 16, 2012

Haiku Friday - Community Returns

I Do A Really Good Impression Of A Lazy Person
I spent a weekend
In bed, watching two seasons
Of Community

Hacky-Sackin' Ruffian
It was a dark time
When Vaughn and his weird nipples
Came between the crew

Be The Chang You Want To See In The World1
Here's my secret dream:
I'll live in the vents with Chang.
Don't tell the monkey

Go Banana Slugs!
The Human Being
Is not the worst school mascot
...just the creepiest

Ode To Abed
You're so coolcoolcool
I would create six timelines
Just to be your friend

1I went through so many titles, and they were all creepily sexual: "A Chang Would Do Me Good" or "A Chang is Gonna Come" or "Chang Is Hard."  And now you all have to have that in your head, too.

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