Friday, September 23, 2011

Haiku Friday - The first

I am thinking about posting haiku about my crappy projects or whatevs every Friday.  First one, successfully done.  We'll see if I do it next week.

Because the name of my blog is so nicely 5 syllables
My crappy projects
Have a surprisingly high
Rate of completion

Why I am afraid to build anything that comes from Target
The instruction book
Is missing, as are some screws
Please hand me more glue

Imminent entropy
Alphabetized books -
I am scared of touching you
You took so much work

For my family1
Doesn't come naturally
We make Luttrell piles

What now?  Unpacking?
I wanted to finish that
But then there was beer

1Thanks to Irene & Laura for pointing out that the lack of organization is in the genes, and props to Alex for coining the term "Luttrell pile."

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