Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Lost" and found

I frequently "lose" things (wallet, keys, watch, cell phone, dog), and usually what that means is that it is exactly where I first thought to look for it.  But, then I assume that I would never put something where I should and look all over the house/office/car for said item.  By the end of the search, I think that I have looked in the obvious place, so I am shocked when I finally find it there.

This morning, I was looking through my bag, and I found my watch (shockingly, exactly where I thought I had put it a month ago).  I have been lazily keeping an eye out for it around my house, after my second assumption that I had taken it off there and it was now living under a pile of paper or unpacked boxes or maybe in the bottom of one of the decorative holes my dog has kindly added to the yard.

In my great excitement, I put it on immediately and showed it off.  "Isn't it awesome?" said I, "Look how the face is all made out of wood!"  In my world, watches are for decoration.  They are like the non-girly form of a bracelet.  Telling the time is secondary.

Fast forward three hours, and I'm still smiling to myself about the watch.  Then, I check the time on the computer, and unconsciously check the time on the watch.  They are not the same.  The hands on my watch aren't even moving.  Haven't been all day.  It took me the entire morning to notice.

It is not 3:35.  It is 11:20.  Bad watch!

Now, I have to fix the battery in my watch and pray that it hasn't finally given up the ghost from the time I ran it through the washer and dryer.

Fixing a watch battery may sound like something easy, but it seems like an insurmountable goal to me.  There are multiple steps involved:  1) Admit my watch is powerless without a battery, 2) Don't lose watch again, 3) Figure out how to open watch, 4) Don't lose watch back, 5) Find battery type, 6) Buy battery, 7) Set time on watch, 8) Make amends to everyone I have hurt by not knowing the correct time, 9) Continue to not lose watch.

Stay posted for my continued failures as I try to put my watch back into working order (see also: maybe I should just buy a cheap Timex, batteries are hard to find).

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